The famous authentic Guang Zhou (Canton, China) Sha Hor Fun made with mountain water originated from the town of Sha Hor.

It is common knowledge that “Ipoh Kueh Teow” (also known as Ipoh Sha Hor Fun in Cantonese) is acclaimed as the best quality Sha Hor Fun in the country.

Our Principles:

“Guaranteed Quality” is our respectable symbol. From the selection of materials and production processes to the packaging and transportation of products, “Guaranteed Quality” is always our first and foremost consideration to ensure that our customers and patrons at eateries will always enjoy the best quality. This is the reputation that we have been striving to build in the past.

To produce healthy food is one of our guiding principles. No doubt our products have already met the safety requirements. However, we are still working at producing in gradual stages “organic food”, that is organic Sha Hor Fun etc. in the near future on the strength of our existing favorable conditions.

Our Goals:

We are a Sha Hor Fun manufacturer like many others and our factory and facilities have
become highly automated. However, we will not be contented with our status quo and will make necessary adjustments according to market demands or increase
our production lines to meet the ever-changing needs of the market.

For the long-term development of our
business, our Company has set
short-term, medium-term and long-term
goals. For example, we have drawn
up strategies to make an overall plan
for our sales network and expand
our existing markets gradually to
enable everyone at any corner in
the country to savor Ipoh Kueh Teow

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