The famous “Ipoh Kuey Teow” is a delicacy that residents of Ipoh are proud of  “Ipoh Kueh Teow & Noodles Sdn Bhd” ......

“Guaranteed Quality” is our respectable symbol. From the selection of materials and production processes to the packaging......

An enterprise must keep abreast of the times in order to attain growth. Physical equipment can undoubtedly enhance operational efficiency but it must be complemented by intangible infrastructure to ensure a steady development as a whole. “Ipoh Kueh Teow” has adopted a modern, scientific and data-based management.

We have a complete managerial frameworkwhich is divided into a number of departments such as Marketing, Administration, Research & Development and Manufacturing Departments. We adopt a scientific and data-based management on full scale. With the operational data collected from the various departments, we can have a good understanding of the Company’s actual situation in its operations.

In a scientific management, data can help bring about more efficientoperations. For example, accurate data can lend support to the productionunder “Bureaucracy” system, the designing of a “Value Chain” as well as the arrangement of a “Logistic System”. They are essential for higher efficiency, moreconsistent quality and smoother production.

In the near future, we will work towards the Certification of ISO for Quality and Safety of Food. We believe our enterprise has arrived at a stage of growth where a more sophisticated management and data-based production system are needed for achieving a scientific operation.

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