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“Guaranteed Quality” is our respectable symbol. From the selection of materials and production processes to the packaging......

It is common knowledge that “Ipoh Kueh Teow” (also known as Ipoh Sha Hor Fun in Cantonese) is acclaimed as the best quality Sha Hor Fun in the country. Many food stalls selling “Bean sprouts and Chickens” (commonly known as Nga Choy Gai) or Fried Kueh Teow vie with each other in claiming that the Sha Hor Fun they sell is none other than the famous Ipoh Kueh Teow. This is evident that gourmets have a high regard for Ipoh Kueh Teow and they are able to distinguish it from others by judging from its qualities.

As a manufacturer specializing in the production of Sha Hor Fun, we have a high standard for quality which among others requires the Sha Hor Fun to be soft, smooth, thin and chewy and above all, there is an aroma of rice filled in the mouth.

While striving to meet our own standard requirements, we also place great emphasis on the texture of food and satisfaction of our clients. This explains why in the past years we have been responsive to the feedback from our clients.

The widely acclaimed Ipoh Sha Hor Fun’s superior quality is attributed to the good water quality of Ipoh. In China, the Sha Hor Fun of a shop called “Yi He Ju” which had made its name in history was attributed to the spring water of the “Nine Dragon Spring Water” of White-Cloud Mountain. Its success is due to the water quality as in the case of Ipoh Sha Hor Fun.

In recent years, while producing Sha Hor Fun of consistent quality, we also began to see to the needs of other communities. In 2007, we were awarded the Certification of Halal to enable Muslims to savor our Ipoh Kueh Teow without having to worry over its ‘halal’ status.

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