The well-known Ipoh Kueh Teow (Sha Hor Fun ) has not only won acclaims in the country, but also has spread its name overseas.

It is common knowledge that “Ipoh Kueh Teow” (also known as Ipoh Sha Hor Fun in Cantonese) is acclaimed as the best quality Sha Hor Fun in the country.

Currently, there are five production lines in our factory. After a number of innovations and initiatives for automation, manual operations in the production process have been reduced to only 20% left while the rest are done by machineries.

Hygienic production is one of the important principles we adhere to. There are criteria for hygiene which our factory environment, our staff’s dresses/uniforms as well as packaging and transportation must conform to. Right from the first day a staff reports for duty, he will be instilled the good concept of hygiene as it is our Company’s commitment to provide wholesome and safe food at all times.

All our production lines are always kept in tip-top condition and therefore able to meet any unexpected increase in the orders at any time. Credit should go to the vast experience we have gained in this field and mechanical engineers’ exquisite designs that do not fail us. Even during festive seasons, we still could deliver our goods on schedule which further boasts customers’ trust in us.

Despite the good production system and facilities we have, we will not be contented with our achievements but will continue to strive for improvements in all aspects, making our production system like a green tomato which is ever growing but will never become overripe.

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