The famous “Ipoh Kuey Teow” is a delicacy that residents of Ipoh are proud of  “Ipoh Kueh Teow & Noodles Sdn Bhd” ......

An enterprise must keep abreast of the times in order to attain growth. Physical equipment can undoubtedly enhance operational efficiency......

Ipoh Kueh Teow is not only a favorite of the Chinese but also a food other communities are not unfamiliar with. “Ipoh Kueh Teow & Noodles Sdn Bhd” is not an overnight success. It is the result of the struggles and efforts of three generations.

“Ipoh Kuey Teow” was founded in 1959 by the grandfather of our Ng family at a wooden house in Pasir Putih, Ipoh. At a time when machineries were backward and scarce, all work was done manually with crude devices. Daily production was not much and the Ng family barely managed to eke out a living from the “steamed noodle skin” made from milled rice.

The business was succeeded by the son and the era of the second generation began. After years’ of struggle and hard work, at the end of the 90’s, the operation of the business was shifted from the shack to a factory where machineries were introduced and production became semi-automated.

During this period, ten over staff and a few units of vans were added to the factory. The daily production was increased to 3 tons. The efforts in the past decades had finally laid a sound foundation for the Ng family business handed down by the ancestor.

The family business is now in the hands of the third generation. With the knowledge acquired in universities, the descendants belonging to this generation not only transformed “Ipoh Kueh Teow” into a corporate business, but also set up a data-based production system taking the Ng family business to another milestone.

The business of the third generation was expanded further while its market was enlarged too. In 2006, a new factory located at the Industrial Area of Jelapang, Ipoh, was bought and operated with modern scientific management. There are a few production lines with a few dozen staff who make delivery of our products by vans at every point of sales possible.

The third generation not only transformed “Ipoh Kueh Teow” into a corporate business and initiated a data-based production system, but also led the business into a competitive “Development Stage”. At the age of keen competition, our requirements for quality, operational management and production system etc. have all contributed to the premium quality of our “Ipoh Kueh Teow”.

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